NOVIE ONE (Indonesia)

“I started singing & dancing when I was just a little tyke, around 4 years old, till a teenager, back in school. But then, after a while, life got real. I had to put the dance on pause for a bit to hit up college and get my money up  at a young age,” Novie One reminisces.

But the love for breaking and hip-hop, man, that never faded. “It’s like, when you see the culture, the music, the dance, the clothes, it’s like finding a whole new world, ya know? Something that just clicks. So, when I hit about 21, I dove right back into it. And I ain’t looked back since.”

For Novie One, hip-hop isn’t just about the dancing.  It’s a culture, a whole lifestyle. “It teaches you more than just how to bust a move. It’s about having a strong core, mentally and physically, and being part of a tight-knit community.”

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “My folks weren’t too keen on the idea of me making a career outta dancing, and I get it. Those early years, man, I didn’t make a dime out of it. So, I was grindin’ double time, juggling graphic design gigs along with my passion for dancing. And it was all about working hard. It wasn’t easy.”

It was all about proving herself, not just to her folks, but to herself too. “I wanted to show myself, my parents and my whole family that this could be a real deal career if you grind hard enough. After years of hard work, I got a call from national TV for a talents show. That was a big moment for me, you know? Unfortunately, my old man, he passed before he could see it. But I know he’s lookin’ down real proud of what I’ve become.”

And it ain’t just about her own journey. Novie One’s out there managing a big local rap group called MukaRakat and also passin’ on the knowledge she gained from dancing to the next gen. Teaching the kids how to dance, throw & host some local jams  “I wanna give back, you know? Keep the culture alive, teach the young bloods, and rep Bali wherever I go.”

We recently caught up with Novie One on Poppies Lane, a spot where her and her crew *(Aerial Crew)* back then used to throw down and chill after tearin’ up the clubs. ‘’We’d roll up here after a wild night of bustin’ moves on the dance floor and battling against each other. Poppies Lane (Legian Street) was our sanctuary. It’s where we’d kick back, party , share stories, battle and having some good times with each other till the early hours,’’ She recalls with a grin. It’s a reminder of where she came from and where she’s headed.

So, there you have it, Novie One’s  story, raw and real. From a young rebel to a powerhouse in the Indonesian hip-hop scene. ‘’To become the person you really want to be, it takes a lot of courage, effort and sacrificies, it won’t be easy. But what is?’’

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Pictures & Column by @jordynotjordannnn